At Coco's Catalog, we believe that effective branding and web design unite strategy and soul. All custom design projects start with an intensive brand identity workshop that dives deeper than aesthetic preferences. We answer the hard questions and shifting any limiting beliefs you may have about your business, so your custom brand and website can act as a catalyst for aligned and authentic business growth. 


A Strategic & Intentional Experience

Interested in customizing your project with branded stationery, pricing guides, and more? I include add-ons in my package guide (inquire to get the deets)!

Brand Guidelines

Brand Voice Audit

Font Suite

Color Palette

Logo Suite

Brand Identity Workbook

$3,500 Investment

What's included

Designed to help photographers, videographers, and virtual assistants who are feeling less-than-confident in their logo or branding and want a memorable brand identity that uniquely communicates their personality, values, and purpose so their dream clients are drawn to work with them and they can show up online in full authenticity.

The Brand Identity & Design Suite

Package one

Need more than 5 pages? Have a Shopify e-commerce shop you need to integrate? Have more than one sub-brand in your biz? I include add-ons in my package guide (inquire to get the deets)!

Customized training + Post Launch support

Launch Strategy guide

SEO & Google Analytics Integration

Professional Website Copywriting

Gif Creation (If biz includes video)

Social Landing Page + Coming soon Page

5 Pages of desktop + Mobile web Design

Full Brand Identity & Design Suite

$7,000 Investment

What's included

Designed to help photographers, videographers, and virtual assistants who need a website or struggling to book clients due to an ineffective website by providing them with a visually stunning, brand-aligned custom site that serves as a comprehensive hub for their business and creates an enjoyable, irresistible client experience.

The Brand & Web Design Suite

Package two (most popular)

Interested in customizing your revamp with stationery or extra pages? I include add-ons in my package guide (inquire to get the deets)!

Social Landing Page

5 pages of desktop + mobile Web Design

Brand STyle Guide

Font Suite

Color Palette

Logo Suite

$4,500 Investment

What's included

Designed to help photographers, videographers, and virtual assistants who currently have a brand & website and a good understanding of their identity refresh their logos, color palette, fonts, and website! 

The Brand & Web Revamp Suite

Package three

Gif Creation (if biz includes video)

SEO + Google Analytics Integration


"I knew right away Nichole had to be the one to grasp the pulse on my new branding. It's like she can put together pieces of the puzzle that no one else can see. Before we even started the design work together, I felt like I had a better grasp on my business & target audience as a whole - and that's just because of Nichole's intentional process. She listened to all of my feedback and delivered a brand that was so freakin' SPOT ON to my original dream. She somehow saw it, even when I couldn't. Opening my branding materials felt like Christmas morning. (!!) She's taken my branding to the next level, I'm so SO grateful."

The Testimonial

When Jessie reached out to me to design her brand, I was PUMPED because I had first hand experience at how amazing of a virtual assistant she was. She is all about promoting energy and creativity within a balanced work environment, and so we communicated that with a bold and fun, yet professional and focused brand.

The Story

Editorial, Bold, Modern

Virtual Assistant

The Focus Co.

Brand Identity & Design

“If we had to sum up Nichole in one phrase – it would be “Above and Beyond”. Her communication skills are next level, she would report back on every little thing we asked for. We were impressed by how quickly she would get things done as well. She always met deadlines, no matter what we requested. And she took our feedback insanely well and improved upon it. Everyone we showed the site to was so impressed. Even after just launching, the Workshop page sold 12 tickets right away. One person said “You guys are breathing new energy into wedding filmmaking education.” We truly could not have found anyone better.“

The Testimonial

If you're in the videography industry, chances are you know of Runaway Vows. They are THE luxury wedding filmmaking standard, and it was an honor to create a high-end and modern brand that reflected their level of service.

The Story

Modern, Luxury, Sharp

Wedding Film House

Runaway Vows

Brand & Web Design

"Okay just had to share this with you!! Since | launched my brand, I've literally gotten like 200 more followers or something like that. AND I've had clients specifically tell me they reached out because they love my brand and how warm and nostalgic it feels so anyway, I know I've said it A THOUSAND times but thank you thank you thank you."

The Testimonial

Tami reached out to me while she was working hard on a major business shift; transforming her photography business to also include wedding invitation design and planning guidance. Our goal together was not only to ensure her brand was elevated with this shift, but to also encapsulate her personality, values, and purpose in her design. Of course, this also meant we designed a brand that spoke directly to her ideal clients (just imagine your favorite cozy fall couple that runs their own B&B).

The Story

Nostalgic, Intimate, Creative

Wedding Photo & Stationery

Tam Wedding Co

Brand IDentity & Design

A few client stories

Once your brand design suite is finalized, we’ll move on to web design! We’ll start with the home page to ensure we're aligned on layout, design, and copy, then finish up the rest of your website. Your website copy will take your entire brand identity established in stage 1 into account, ensuring that your site communicates to your dream clients both visually and verbally. Both sub-stages have built-in feedback rounds as well! The last week you can expect us to focus on launching your stunning new website.

8 to 9 weeks

Stage 3: Web Design

Then we’ll follow your brand identity with brand design. You can expect to receive a presentation of your brand and all of the add-on goodies that come with it, and then the feedback rounds begin. Lastly, we’ll create your brand guidelines and export your final files for delivery.

3 to 4 weeks

Stage 2: Brand Design

Your project will start with a guided, 4-module Brand Identity Workbook. This will guide you through defining your beliefs, values, purpose, ideal client, voice, messaging, and UVP (Unique Value Proposition). We will also hop on a quick 1:1 call to chat about any questions you might have and refine your UVP.

1.5 weeks

Stage 1: Brand IDentity

Brand + Web Revamp: 8 to 10 weeks

BRand + Web DEsign: 14 to 16 weeks

Brand identity + Design: 5 to 7 weeks

A few notes

With comprehensive packages comes a lengthy and detailed experience, but not at the expense of your peace of mind! There’s a purpose to every step of the process. My job is to make it as easy and as enjoyable for you as possible, while still keeping it intentional and detail-oriented.

As a type A creative, organization and consistency are key players in how I serve my clients. You can expect to ALWAYS know the next steps in your project, but I always welcome questions along the way.

A quick look at the process of working with me

Will S.

“Nichole, simply put, is a brand and web design genius. Okay but seriously, I hired Nichole because my wedding film company needed a face lift. Right off the bat, Nichole’s main interest was directed toward me and who I was as a person. She knew that as much as this “re-brand” was for my company, a huge part of that was me and that’s what truly differentiates her. She was able to put together a brand that reflected everything that was running around in my mind, but in a cohesive, beautiful and perfect way. Throughout the process, Nichole makes you feel so at ease and she makes sure that you have plenty of time to get things ready before your launch! Any revisions or “little things” that you may want added, Nichole knocks it out of the park right away and is always at the ready to give you suggestions based on her expertise. But above all else, and the one thing I didn’t realize would come out of this process, is that Nichole will indirectly help you piece together your brand’s true identity, and that has been priceless. One of the best business decisions I’ve made.”

" If buying stock in a person was a possibility, I would probably by 40,000 shares of Nichole because she’s THAT good."

Jake W.

“When we decided to established Runaway Vows, we had a solid business plan and great goals, but had no idea how to make the company look like our vision. It was so important to us to find someone who caught our vision and also someone who had strengths where we had weaknesses, and we knew that brand design was not our strength. If we had to sum up Nichole in one phrase – it would be “Above and Beyond”. Her communication skills are next level, she would report back on every little thing we asked for. We were impressed by how quickly she would get things done as well. She always met deadlines, no matter what we requested. And she took our feedback insanely well and improved upon it. Everyone we showed the site to was so impressed. Even after just launching, the Workshop page sold 12 tickets right away. One person said “You guys are breathing new energy into wedding filmmaking education.” We truly could not have found anyone better.“

"Nichole it's insane to see the positive feedback on the website. You absolutely CRUSHED it. Maybe I'm being too sentimental but I feel like we really made the absolute best decision to work with you, and we are both extremely grateful."

Will S.

“From the beginning I knew I made the right choice to hire Nichole out of any other brand designer. Immediately upon the start of us working together, I felt she was invested in my success as a business and she worked with me to discover my brand identity, ideal target market, and business goals. She created gorgeous branding for me, and don’t even get me started on what she created for my website. This review will never end. Her work is stunning, her attention to detail and dedication to understanding your goals and needs is unmatched, and I cannot recommend her enough.”

"I always thought I knew the “why” behind my business, but she helped me put everything into words and onto paper that made my brand feel so much more realized."

Kjersti A.

“Before reaching out to Nichole, I had high expectations because I had heard so much about her from my friends, and Nichole literally will create the website and brand of your dreams!! She will listen to every concern and go back to the drawing board if need be to make sure everything is perfect and it was clear that she had my best intentions in mind, not just creating another website to get it done. Seriously she has a way of making your vision 20x better than you could even imagine. Investing in my brand with Nichole was hands down one of the best things I have done for my business in 2022. If you are looking to be seen and heard as a business owner she is the one for you.”

"After launching the website, I had a lot of people comment on how professional it looked and I have seen more high end wedding and my target inquires as well, which was absolutely the goal!!"

Devante C.

“Nichole is an absolute wizard at her craft! From the first phone call with Nichole, I could tell she was so invested into her clients and who they come across as a person, not just what they “think” they want in a re-brand. She invest so much of her time and energy into learning who you are and what your values are. The results are simply put, an extension of yourself but in a cohesive, unique way.  Going into the “re-brand”, I kind of knew a direction I wanted, but had no idea the content, information, or layout I wanted. She took all of my jumbled ideas and turned it into a something that felt so “me”. Not only did I get a face-lift on my brand, but throughout the process, I was able to find exactly what I value in my clients and what I value in my business. Easily one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business and would recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their brand voice.”

"Launch went AMAZING. I have had over 250 people on my site in the last week (which is huge for me, was averaging 60-70 per week before) and have gotten several inquiries and booked my highest client ever over the weekend. So to say this week has been a success is an understatement."

Sebastian P.

“The entire experience was nothing short of exceptional. From start to finish, Nichole displayed professionalism, timeliness, and an unparalleled level of organization that truly set her apart. She has an innate ability to understand her clients’ visions and translate them into visually stunning and functional websites. Organization is an art form, and Nichole has undoubtedly mastered it. She approached the project with a meticulous attention to detail that was simply remarkable. Every element of the website design was thoughtfully considered, resulting in a cohesive and visually stunning final product. From the color scheme to the layout, every aspect of the website showcased her dedication to perfection. Nichole’s contribution to my re-branding and the development of my new website was invaluable. Her professionalism, timeliness, and organizational skills made the entire process a joy. I wholeheartedly recommend Nichole to anyone seeking a website designer who not only delivers exceptional results but also ensures a smooth and enjoyable journey along the way. Thank you Nichole!!”

"The re-branding she executed for me was an absolute game-changer, breathing new life into my online presence and captivating my target audience effortlessly."

Ashley L.

"I'm convinced I'm already half booked for next year just because of the website. So I just wanted to thank you again!!"

“Nichole was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire branding and web design process. I really had no idea what I wanted going in, and she was happy to talk it through with me to create something that felt like me and my brand. She did a great job and my website and logos feel so professional and well put together!”

Lauren C.

“Nichole’s process is flawless. Nichole has a keen eye for design and the organizational abilities to help distill content down to be easily digestible to website visitors. Her branding is versatile and beautifully presented, which made this process even more enjoyable. She delivered everything that she promised in a timely and efficient manner. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone looking to give their brand and website a refresh.”

"She helped me to narrow down my needs and brand aesthetic through a series of thoughtful questionnaires and conversations that ultimately led to the beautiful collaboration that is my new brand and website."

Ava R.

“As a perfectionist and overachiever, I did A LOT of searching to find a brand & web designer that was both within my budget and more than capable of bringing my vision for my business to life. I stumbled across Coco’s Catalog and was immediately captivated by the work showcased. Throughout the process, Coco was so helpful, intentional, and communicative, it was a pleasure to work with her. As a perfectionist, I understand that my requests can be somewhat over the top, but Coco was always more than willing to bring the design to a place that felt both reflective of my wishes and of what is best from a design perspective. I was truly blown away by the initial reveals of both the brands and the website designs, and with every adjustment or desired change, Coco perfectly mixed both my vision and suggestions with her knowledge and expertise to bring about things I never knew I wanted but needed! I am so SO happy with the results and can’t wait to start marketing and taking my business to the next level, Coco’s work has certainly enabled me to reach greater heights and continue my growth as a business owner. This investment was one of the best ones I’ve made throughout my journey!!"

"The end result has me kicking my feet and squealing every time I show it off to my family, friends, and fellow creatives."

Hannah S.

“I had Nikki refresh my website after my business took a huge shift towards boudoir, and she executed everything I wanted and more!!! The branding she designed embodied my mission + message EXACTLY. My website is inviting & full of information to make sure my ideal clients are taken care of before they even reach out. She listens to my requests and continues to help me keep my online space fresh & relevant as my business grows.”

"It’s not “just” a website & branding, it’s a showcase of the experience my clients receive."

Melinda G.

"If you are looking for someone to create your brand or design you a beautiful website don’t look any further Coco's Catalog!"

"Nichole was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I am picky, and for a girl that didn’t have a vision in mind I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task for someone to create my branding and website, but Nichole did, and she absolutely killed it!"

Abby B.

“Deciding to trust Coco's Catalog with my website and branding is the best decision I could have made for my business. She worked so quickly yet all of the details were perfect, and she always made me feel like a priority. Her design work truly set my brand apart, and I have gotten nothing but incredible feedback on it from everyone who goes to my new website. Nichole quickly became a friend through the process, and I really appreciate how she got to know me and my brand on a personal level. I’m absolutely in LOVE with the website and branding she created for me, and seriously cannot say enough good things about her. If you want to take your business to the next level, invest in the services provided by Coco's Catalog!!!”

" It was truly like Nichole was inside of my brain, bringing to life visions that I couldn’t even articulate myself!!"

Kate N.

“I could not have chosen anyone better for the job, amazing communication, attention to detail. Nichole is your go to for anything web & design. 1000/10”

"I received the absolute perfect representation of the vision I desired for my website."

Melanie E.

“It was hard to know exactly how to brand myself, so over the years, I had attempted my own website and it was just never what I was wanting. I am also picky and I was mad I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, haha. I finally decided it was time to do it seriously and hire someone with that professional knowledge of it to help. A friend of mine had told me about Nichole and I was sold from there after checking out her work and seeing she helped not only brand others, but create beautiful websites. While working with Nichole, it was everything I could have hoped for. She was understanding first and foremost, professional and quick to respond. Immediately after you finished my site, I received a web form submission from a client about shooting her birthday and doing a couples shoot. So that was exciting. I felt very excited and proud of the website.“

"She not only helped me to brand myself, but my vision for my brand/website was on point."

Brandon L.

“I had the opportunity to partner with Nichole during the middle of 2022, and it was absolutely the best decision that I could have made. During the rebrand process she was so attentive to all of the questions and crazy ideas that I had. She also was so incredibly patient in terms of helping my website meet the unique technical requirements I was looking for."

"She found a way to put into words all of these ideas and feelings that I had floating in my head about my business."

Stephanie S.

“It was an amazing experience getting to work with Nichole and being able to have someone execute the ideas that have been in my head, but I wasn’t sure how I’d bring it all to life. Working with her felt very organic and seamless. She great at communication, she’s proactive and patient and meets all the deadlines. I have only great things to say about her! Definitely recommend Coco’s Catalog and I look forward to working with Nichole again in the future.” 

"she listened to my requests and came up with amazing logos, mock-ups, and little details that made my brand an extension of me, which is what I wanted to accomplish."

Madison W.

"I can’t thank Nichole enough for the amazing work she did on my brand and website design! She truly has a knack for taking my feedback and inspiration and turning it into a stunning design. It’s like she can read my mind! When it came to my website, Nichole hit the nail on the head. She perfectly captured the essence of my ideal client and made sure the whole process was clear and easy for me. I didn’t have to worry about a thing!  I couldn’t be more grateful for her talent and the positive impact she has had on my online presence. If you’re looking for a designer who can truly bring your vision to life, Nichole is the one to trust.”

"Now, thanks to Nichole’s expertise, my brand has received an elevated look and my business is heading in an exciting new direction."

Kind words from my soulmate clients

While I primarily work with photographers, videographers, and virtual assistants, I really adore working with any creative service base business! If you're unsure, shoot me an inquiry and we can chat to see if I'm the best gal for the job ◡̈ 

Do you work with other biz types?

I only take on two custom projects a month, so I highly recommend inquiring 2 to 3 months in advance of your desired project start date.

How early should I book?

Head over to my Inquire Page to fill out my inquiry form! You'll get an email from me to schedule a discovery call as well as a PDF that goes over my packages and how you can customize your project. After your discovery call, I send over your proposal, and you'll have a week to make your decision!

How do I book with you?

Booking Questions



No; all clients must either have a decent understanding of their brand identity to book the brand + web revamp package OR go through the identity process with me. I require this because your brand identity is a NECESSARY foundation to a successful, effective, accurate, and sustainable brand & web design suite 

Do you offer logo-only packages?

Yes! While the base packages I offer include what I deem necessary, I offer lots of add-ons depending on what your business might need! These add-ons are detailed in my package guide, which you get when you inquire!

Can I customize my package?

Package Questions

I get this question a lot, and we always answer it on our discovery call! Beyond getting to know each other better, we dive deeper into your business journey and goals on our call, and i'll suggest the ideal package for you!

What package is best for me?

Payment Plans

Yes, below includes the default payment plan. While the deposit and Start Date payment are non-negotiable, the last two payments are flexible.

  • Upon Booking: 25% 
  • Start Date: 25%
  • 2 Weeks Post Start Date: 25%
  • 4 Weeks Post Start Date: 25%

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment Plan Questions


Yes! Each stage of my process includes 2 built-in feedback rounds.

Do I get to provide feedback?

Other Questions

I specialize in Showit for photographers and videographers. It allows for the most design customization without compromising the most important functionality features. It's also easy to manage after your website launches and I provide a training custom to your website on navigating Showit and making basic edits. Please note that Showit does require a monthly subscription fee (see here).

What website builder will we use?

Frequently Asked Questions


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